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Joseph Malinge

Relax Sneaker - Brick red

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Let's recycle, for our planet

Relax sneakers respect a desire to combine the comfort of shoes with sustainable development. Once the shoes are worn out, the leather can be recycled. It will become a leather sole for the inside of the shoe. Maison Malinge also chose rubber soles made from hevea milk. They are entirely natural and contribute to the well-being of the tree from which the milk is harvested.

A refined basic

The design of Relax sneakers is wise and versatile. They work with different clothing styles and for all generations. These fine sneakers are inspired by derby codes, but with an elegant sneaker sole. The intention is to obtain a trendy model, while being “relaxed”.

Intelligently designed leather

The leather used is waterproof because it has received treatment during the tanning of the hide. With this process, the water slides over the top of the shoe rather than soaking into the leather. The leather is also protected from dirt that remains on the surface. This makes them easier to clean. In addition, the leather has been sanded so fine that it is softer and silkier than velvet.