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Joseph Malinge

Jabotine ankle boot - Tawny brown

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An inspired design

These ankle boots are inspired by Japanese trends: rounded and lifted toes. This opulent shape is well known to Maison Malinge because it has existed since wooden clogs. These are historical models. By resuming this old form, Joseph Malinge aims to be avant-garde.

Well thought out

The Jabotine boots are tight at the ankle so you can easily pull your pants over them. These shoes were assembled using “Norwegian” stitching to connect the upper to the sole. This choice was made for the aesthetics and waterproofness of the shoe. The hooks at the top of the upper allow you to lace up these boots more quickly.

Advanced know-how

Like all our shoes, Jabotine ankle boots were entirely made in our workshop in France. Their design requires a high level of knowledge of ancestral machines and sewing techniques. Few French Houses are still able to carry out Norwegian assembly.