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Joseph Malinge

Selto ankle boot - "An artistic vision"

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The famous Balmoral cut

Maison Malinge was inspired by the Balmoral cut to create these ankle boots. Balmorals are high-top shoes that appeared in the 1850s. They were made up of two pieces of fabric. Joseph Malinge revisited this model. For the Selto ankle boots, we have two leather materials which give them this balmoral aspect.

Redesigned by the House

With the Selto, the two leathers used are smooth but with different colors. These ankle boots are lower than the usual cut. The piece of leather added at the eyelets also changes from the Balmoral we know. It gives a more luxurious look to the shoe.

For a dressed look

The hand-patinated leather on the top of the ankle boot and on the sole gives elegance to the model. These city shoes can be worn with a plain suit or with a tweed material.