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Joseph Malinge

Victoria Women's Ankle Boot - Tawny Brown

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The famous Chelsea

Victoria boots take their name from the former Queen of England. The first elastic ankle boots were designed for her. She had asked her shoemaker to create boots that could be put on quickly and without laces. It was a success. Since then, the Beatles have also made it their signature and the whole world started wearing it.

Their incredible simplicity

The elastics on the sides make these ankle boots easy to put on and take off, without any particular effort. The tab at the back helps you put them on even faster. Also note that thanks to their sleek design, these boots go well with different clothing styles. The Victorias are so practical that they become essential to your wardrobe.

Fine elegance

Feet appear slender in these ankle boots, thanks to the flat shape of the Victoria. In addition, the leather sole is thin and does not overflow, giving this model charm.